Battlefield Hardline Beta Preview

The Battlefield Hardline Beta became available at E3 this week and I got to go in-depth (aka: crack out) with it after getting one of the elusive emails with a verification code for access to the PS4 version.

I was super-stoked to get one because almost no one else in my gaming crew was randomly selected and I was the last to sign up even after the instant access was closed. I suggested to them it was because of my higher volume of hardcore-ness that I contained in comparison. That statement was quickly and brashly refuted.

When I first loaded it up after a fairly quick install of a little over 6 gigs I quickly gained the impression that is was laying heavily on the parody aspect of most cop shows that you can see on network TV. The flashy news splash logos, and cheesy (but classy) “San Diego-esque” theme jingles gave the vibe a comedic layer that was pretty interesting seeing it on a game that had a Battlefield title.

The Beta is pretty cut and dry, mirroring the previous releases from earlier versions of the iconic first person shooter. Multiplayer only, offering 2 All-new game modes on a single map, with limited weapon and attachment selections, new various armored and standard civilian vehicles, some new never before seen weapons like a grappling hook, zip-lines, laser-sensored sticky trip mines, tasers, batons, and baseball bats. The location of carnage is centered around downtown Los Angeles.


The two new game modes offered are called “Heist”, which is an armored car robbery cat-and-mouse chase mode and “Blood Money” where both teams battle over a stationary pile of evidence money made known to criminals in an all out snatch and grab. I enjoyed both game modes tremendously and feel that even though they share slight characteristics with some modes from older game versions, they are not like any other mode that I have played in a Battlefield game. Both are incredibly fun to play, and both offer challenges that keep you interested for long periods of time.

I have to say that I was impressed with how solid this demo was. It really seems like the lessons learned from BF4 were definitely not forgotten when making this game. While I DO still periodically get killed by the same enemy IMMEDIATELY after I JUST laid him to waste, I had zero latency issues, zero rubberbanding, and I still haven’t fallen through the floor or any other part of the map. One other thing was that I expected the terrain to be a little more destructive from how they were advertising it in earlier statements, but that might be more apparent in the finalized version. Overall though it is top notch game play.

With only a small glimpse of what’s to come I am still very excited for this game. I was most definitely one of those skeptics when I first heard about it. Sure, some will even continue to say that this game should have been an add-on of BF4, but I digress now that I have had a chance to play a few modes. Hardline is its own game and its potential is huge considering all of the new ideas that we have seen in just the demo alone. I cannot wait for the full version, and I can see this fighting for my attention over some of the other big named titles that will be out around the same time.