Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants Launching on PS4 in July

Klei Entertainment announced The Reign of Giants DLC for Don’t Starve on PS4 will be released on July 22 in North America and July 23 Europe.

Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants DLC adds new characters, seasons, creatures, biomes, and other challenges to Don’t Starve. The DLC will be available for $4.99 on the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus members are eligible for a 10% discount when its launch.

There are two rather interesting new characters introduced in the DLC which are Webber, a boy who lives inside a spider that tried to eat him long ago, and Wigfrid, who is described as “a stage actress who went a tad too far with method acting on her latest role.”

Key Features:

  • New playable characters: Reign of Giants adds two characters for players to discover and survive with. Play as Wigfrid, a stage actress who went a bit too far with method acting on her latest role, an ancient Valkyrie, or Webber, a young boy who lives inside the spider who tried to eat him long ago.
  • Year-round starvation: Struggle through a full year of seasons as you experience the torrential rain falls of spring and the blistering heat of summer.
  • A bigger, badder world: New biomes have been filled to the brim with new creatures and gatherables that will either help you survive – or kill you.
  • An extra save slot: You asked, we delivered.
  • Giants: They’re in the name for crying out loud!

Also, along with the expansion being available, all Don’t Starve players will get a new free patch for the base game which includes performance enhancements, bug fixes and a some of the content that was previously only on PC including:

  • Added Snow Chester and Shadow Chester
  • New in-game text strings & dialogue
  • Option to disable Screen Shake.
  • Expanded options for World Generation.
  • New ability to save custom pre-sets in World Generation screen
  • Random character select option when starting a new game.

Last week Klei Entertainment also let us in on a sneak peak at the Don’t Starve Together co-op add-on. This add-on on has only been announced for the PC version but one can only hope it makes its way to the PS4 like the Reign of Giants DLC is.

Via Klei Entertainment


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