Dota 2 Heading Towards Open Beta

Dota 2 has yet to be available for everyone but there is good news Valve has announced details for an up coming Dota 2 open beta. This is not an open beta in the traditional sense instead they are focusing on creating training features for new players and letting people in to the beta in large waves.

We’ll be controlling the launch by granting large numbers of people access to the game in batches, so we can ensure our infrastructure is holding up,” said Valve. “We’ll also be letting everyone know how we are dealing with the increased load, so we all have a shared understanding of how the launch is going.

As far as we know Valve still plans on releasing Dota 2 this summer but if you want to get in sooner keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on the blog. It also wouldn’t hurt to list Dota 2 on your steam wish list.


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