EverQuest Next Landmark Founders Packs Available For Purchase

EverQuest Next Landmark is on the horizon if you remember back in august we covered EverQuest Next and mentioned Landmark would be upon us soon. Contrary to EQN, Landmark is only an exploration building game not much unlike Minecraft. You will be expected to harvest and mine for resources to build your dwelling, castle or dungeon etc. You can co-op build with friends as well. Together everyone will help shape EQN through their ingenuity an imaginations.

SOE has released the Founders Packs which allow players to secure their access into the alpha and beta testing. The packs come in 3 flavors Settler, Explorer and Trailblazer.

Settler $20 – March 31, 2014

  • Unlimited Closed Beta
  • Settler Flag Item
  • Founders Pickaxe
  • Title: Founder
  • Forum Title: Founder

Explorer $60 – Feburary 28, 2014

  • Alpha Access
  • Explorer Flag Item
  • Ring of Bounty
  • Mega Pocket
  • Coutier’s Regalia
  • Tech Sergeant’s Gear

Trail Blazer $100 – Feburary 28, 2014

  • Alpha Access
  • Trailblazers Flag Item
  • Mastercraft Bracer
  • Void Vault
  • Nobel’s Regalia
  • Tech Commander’s Gear
  • 4 Sharable Closed Beta Keys
  • Your Name in EQNL Credits

*Limited Time Offer*

  • Early Access to the Beta Forum
  • Forum Title: Trailblazer
  • Alpha Boost
  • Ingame Title: Trailblazer
  • *Bonus* Head Start Open Beta

These packs are not just available in the US but many other places as well including countries in Europe as well as other countries such as Japan, Australia and Brazil. Each package comes with their own advantages and special items. Personally I’m going for the Trailblazer Pack and will be giving away my extra closed beta codes via twitter. Share your opinions in the comments below.


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