Guild Wars 2 Open Beta Planning Has Begun

Guild Wars 2 Open Beta was mentioned In an interview with ArenaNet’s Angel Leigh McCoy. She told that they were currently in Closed Beta and planning has begun for a Guild Wars 2 Open Beta! Here is the quote:

[NMP] So, how about work today? You are a full-time designer for ArenaNet, how did you find yourself working on Guild Wars 2? (And… when is the game going to be released? [wink wink]

That last question is the big one, eh? And, I cannot answer it because I don’t know the answer. What I can tell you is that we’re currently in Closed Beta and planning has begun for a Guild Wars 2 Open Beta. It’s all extremely exciting, and the game is coming along smashingly. It really is like magic when it all starts coming together and you see what an enormous accomplishment you’ve contributed to.

You can’t sign up for the open beta at the moment, so don’t get foiled by any scams. The only place which will allow you to sign up for a Guild Wars 2 open beta test is the official Guild Wars 2 website. The beta will be announced through the newsletter on the main site, so if you aren’t checking the news frequently but want to participate, sign up for the newsletter to be notified when it happens or just check back here.


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