Massive Resogun Update and Expansion Coming Late June

Housemarque, the developer of the critically acclaimed twin stick shooter Resogun, has announced that a huge Resogun update and expansion entitled Resogun: Heroes will be coming later this month.

Most notably, Heroes brings us two new modes: Survival and Demolition. Survival is an endless mode with slightly altered mechanics that allows you to test your limits as you play as long as you can without dying. The mode features a day and night cycle. Demolition has you destroy everything in your path with unique items and power-ups not found in any other mode.


The Resogun: Heroes expansion launches on June 24th, and can be yours for a mere $5. A season pass will be available for $8, which includes Heroes, future expansions, and Resogun’s original soundtrack.

A free content patch will release a day earlier, and will include a new ship editor and local co-op mode.



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