Minecraft PS4 Hits Certification And Vita Gets A New Trailer

Its been almost three months since Mojang announced that Minecraft PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One would release in August of this year. People have been hounding 4J Studios since the beginning of August for a release date in which they replied:

Well 4J Studios just announced via twitter that Minecraft PS4 has just hit certification. From what I have read Sony certification can take around to 2 to 3 weeks so we just might get it before the end of August. 4J Studios also went on to tell everyone about the PS Vita and Xbox One builds.

Earlier this month The Vita Lounge reported on a possible leaked release date of 8/19 from Gamestop for the Xbox One version. I’m not sure how long Microsoft certification is but I doubt The xbox one version will release next Tuesday. TVL also spotted a Minecraft PS Vita ad on Sky TV which stated a September release. Although it’s not uncommon for Europe to get releases later that the US but September launch time-frame seems more likely given those versions haven’t hit certification yet.

For those that have waited patiently for these versions to release this month you might have to wait little longer. In the mean time enjoy a new Minecraft PS Vita trailer 4J Studios just shared via twitter.

Via 4J Studios twitter


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