Road Redemption Beta Coming Next Year

Anyone miss Road Rash? Road Redemption has the spirit of Road Rash and, from the looks of it, twice the balls. The game is being developed by Dark Seas Games for the PC,Mac and Linux platforms.

Road Redemption is a motorcycle combat-racing game that brings state-of-the-industry combat controls, insane crashes, destructible environments, AI, ragdoll physics, and online multiplayer to the classic formula.

The closed beta starts in April 2014 with the open beta following in June. As of right now the only way to get into either beta is to back the project on Kickstarter. The “Digital Road Warrior”($20) gets you into the open beta where the “Digital Destroyer”($30) and above will get you into the closed beta. For more details check out the Kickstarter page.

[Update] Today DarkSeas just confirmed a Wii U version. Whether there will be a beta on that system is unknown though.


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