Scrolls Will Hit Open Beta On June 3rd

Well we knew the Scrolls beta was coming soon and here it set for June 3rd. There was a bit of confusion as to whether the release was the beta or the official release. Owen cleared that up by releasing a preview of whats included in the beta which you can see here.

What’s the deal with the “Beta” status?
This Monday, you’re able to purchase Scrolls for £13/€15/$20. It’s not feature complete – I’ll post more about our planned additions later this week – but there’s still plenty to get your teeth into. Buy it at this discounted price and you’ll get future updates for free. It’s like that other game, the one with the Creepers.

So there you have it yes you have to pay to get in but its the same process as Mojang did with Minecraft in which you pay once own forever. The game will only be available on PC and Mac.


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