Tower Wars Mac Beta Round 2

Tower Wars is described as a “Tower Defense meets Tower OFFENSE” game. It’s a competitive online multi-player game allowing up to 6 players go head to head. SuperVillain Studios are the masterminds behind this unique looking tower defense game. The beta for the Mac version of the game is underway and they are handing out keys via their Facebook and twitter.

MAC BETA ROUND 2! Mac Beta players can now play games against PC players! Should be pretty transparent to players, but let us know if you see anything weird! We still have TONS of MAC Beta KEYS to give away! Only a week or so left for the Mac Beta period! Share the post or tell a friend!

The game can already be purchased for PC from their official site or from one of the other vendors listed there. Just know that no matter where you buy it requires Steam to play. Not a PC or Mac player? That’s fine there is possibility of the game coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 fairly soon.

*Thanks for the tip Nicholas


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